Office Bearers

Committee Members 2023-24

Joint Presidents
  • Caroline Makein
  • Sandra Wahl
Joint Vice Presidents    
  • Lucy Kidd
  • Sue Varden
  • Pret Houston
  • Barbara Crowe
Assistant Treasurer
  • Deirdre Mansbridge
Publicity Officer                        
  • Christine South
Assistant Publicity Officer    
  • Robin Evetts
Fundraising Team Leader    
  • Frances Fuller Pace
Friends Coordinator    
  • Lucy Kidd
Programme  Editor        
  • David Meek
Concert Front of House    
  • Kenneth Wood
  • Frances Fuller Pace
Coffee Morning Convenor    
  • Sue Varden
  • Caroline Hayhoe

Student Members

Joint Student Presidents    
  • Tabitha Bates
  • Lucy Miller Trotter
  • Beth Gilbert
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